How to Avoid Home Moving Services Scams in Seattle

Just search for a moving service online and you’ll be bombarded with endless results. Most of them have user-friendly websites and offer amazing discounts which would impress you instantly. Stick to the professionals with Seattle moving companies.

But be wary of moving companies that offer the lowest price! Fraudulent moving companies usually offer the best price initially, but once you get to your destination, they change tune and may demand even double the cost.

However, you can avoid such scams by conducting research about home moving services before entrusting them with your belongings. Here are some tips that will help you avoid moving company scams.


Check Reputation

One of the best ways to find out the reputation of a Seattle moving company is to check their rating on BBB. You can do this by checking if there is any complaint reported against them. You can also verify their status with relevant government agencies in terms of licensing and insurance. You can also check what people say about them on their forums, social media pages and review websites.

Know When to Move

The peak season for moving business is summer. On the same note, many people prefer to move towards the end or beginning of the month, so this is a very busy period. Therefore, try to avoid moving during these periods. This will put you at less of a risk of being ripped off.

Finding Scam Companies

First impression matters a lot in business, and the moving business is no exception. The easiest way to identify scam companies is to call them. How they respond to your questions will help you know whether or not you are dealing with a genuine company. Also, check if their address on the website is authentic. You can also get an idea about a moving company if the workers do not have branded uniforms.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Once you have identified a company, ensure you visit their office personally to get a firsthand idea about the level of professionalism and expertise in their work. Also, check how cooperative the employees are. A genuine mover will be ready to provide you with a copy of all the relevant state and federal booklets about moving.

Take Precautions

Do not allow the moving company to simply fill in the truck and leave with your belongings. Take photos and even videos of the moving truck with all the boxes in it. Label every box and make a list of the contents of each box. Ensure you are personally present while the boxes are being loaded and offloaded.

What to Pack

It is advisable to pack all your fragile items properly, and mount a ‘fragile’ sticker on the box. Make sure that heavy boxes which can damage your goods are not put on top of this box. Moreover, do not pack jewelry, passports, cash, checks, credit cards and other small valuable items and put them in the truck. These should be kept in smaller boxes with or on your person.

Avoid falling into the trap of bogus online companies that offer more moving services for less cost. The best way to avoid being scammed by moving companies is to conduct a thorough background research on them, and hire only reputable home moving services.

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